The Constultation

Set your legacy apart from the rest. Whether you have a clear picture of your social media campaign, the wall portrait to be displayed in your home, or you just don’t know where to begin, Angela’s consultation approach can help guide you to the best Package and Offering to suit your vision and your needs.

Revel in a flow of creative conversation during the initial consultation. After discussing other works of art for inspiration, as well as Angela's offerings, her products and pricing guide, you need only sit back and enjoy creating your portrait wish list. Explore exciting plans for wardrobe styling, hair, and makeup that can work together to create a work of art as unique as you.

Real artists take chances and risks and they don’t worry about the repercussions or the correctness of things.


Determining Your Need and Photo Uses

Cleaveland describes his recent experience in using Angela Gartner as his "Brand Ambassador" when he needed to update his Branding Headshots.

The Importance of Creating a Legacy of Your Portraits

Toyin describes her experience working with Angela Gartner, overcoming self-doubts, and the importance of putting yourself first when getting professional portraits.