I'm not very good about bragging and one of the hardest things to do when you have a business is to set yourself and your products apart from the competition. But what I can do is share one of the greatest compliments I recently got from a Client of mine. Her comments could not better describe the level of Service and Commitment to Quality that I strive to each and every Client when they choose me as their Portrait Photographer. This is what I want to set me apart from others in this business and while I can try my best to portray that....when a Client takes notice, it means so much more! Here is her note following her photo shoot:

"Angela - Hope your week is starting off well. This message is long overdue. I got the package with the photos. So let’s start from the top:

1) Black box with black ribbon - so classy;

2) Seeing/unveiling the internal packaging was such an experience. There was a level of detail in positioning the wrapping paper the way you did;

3) I already had seen the photos, so you would think there is no surprise. But there was a surprise in how great it felt to handle photos and not digital. The pictures look even better in-person.

Larry was taken aback by my photos, but we both melted with the family ones; and

4) The USB style was slick. 

Wait HOW can I forget the hand written/home made card with your beautiful little big guy :) Just all over classy, thoughtful, meticulous, fabulous, and continuing to create an experience. Thank you 💗"


My aim to provide you the same level of service, from start to finish....from our first Consultation and planning of your photoshoot, to working with you on selection of the wardrobe pieces you dream to be photographed in.

To putting you at ease and guiding you through every single pose throughout your shoot.

To providing a special Portrait Reveal Session where you will select your photos and products to display in your home.

To the actual packaging and presentation of your photos...both printed and digitals.

Give me a call today, and let's schedule your Dream Shoot!