Hello, my name is Angela Gartner


Known for creating elegant and intimate portraits, my aim is to capture the personal strength and inner beauty of individuals - no matter their age, body shape, race or ethnicity - using photography to create timeless works of art. I specialize in beauty, lifestyle and commercial branding using a style that blends editorial, fashion and fine art portraits.

Offering personalized attention and comfort tailored to each client, my intent is to bring an intimate approach to create works of art to be cherished.

Timeless Style

A photograph is not just a photograph, nor is every photographer the same. Angela'a style is intimate. It is emotional. And in printed format - as wall art - you have this uncanny feeling that you learned something about the person in the photograph when you stand before it. You want to get to know the person in the portrait. Have a conversation with the person in the portrait. Learn about their life...their thoughts....that moment...when they stood in front of my lens. Showing their authentic beauty. This, is what creates a legacy piece of photography that you will cherish and want to pass on to your family as time goes on.

An Artist Who Shows Your Authenticity

Angela's mission as an artist is to evoke self-confidence, strength, beauty and joy in each of her subjects - all while putting them at ease. It is in these moments of genuine fun and connection that she does her best work.

Angela brings to her portraits an eye for capturing that special moment in time which is unique to every client she works with. She creates exclusive portrait artwork for you to enjoy, then pass down to your children and your children’s children. By investing in a work of fine art by Angela, you are creating your family’s legacy.

Testimonial Videos

If you could create a time capsule, what memories would you add?

Let's curate A Unique and Unforgettable Experience. Just for you.

You cannot go wrong with Angela working as your Brand Ambassador

Let's curate A Unique and Unforgettable Experience. Just for you.

Location of

Angela Gartner's Portrait Studio

10299 Wilde Lake Terrace, Columbia, MD

Convenient to downtown shops, eateries, and music venues in Columbia, MD, our studio is set on beautiful Wilde Lake, providing a custom lit studio as well as outdoor options for unique photography. Columbia, MD is an easy drive from DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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